It’s time to reset, I am starting over. Tons of people have asked me ‘What is this diet you are starting on Monday?’. Well it’s not a diet (because I don’t diet) but a 3 week while food based reset. My body isn’t performing at an optimal level and I FEEL it. That’s why I’m pushing reset.

My sweaty selfies will be replaced with yoga poses and pictures of my whole foods, try not to miss them too much?😉?I will be focused on resting from the inside out.

When you think about it, it’s amazing just to be alive. Living in this modern world, where new technologies and industrial advances arrive on a daily basis, can sometimes seem to be miraculous. But all these conveniences come with a price.?I am completing a 3 week mind, body and soul reset. I might not be able change my environment but I can change myself. I am moving from survival to ‘THRIVAL’.

This reset will improve my digestion, allow me to re-alkanize and get the most of out of my workouts after this is completed. I mean I keep joking that I have been eating a lot and working out a ton to bulk up so I can then dial in my nutrition and cut down to really see the muscle. Oddly enough, even though that wasn’t my plan I think that is what is going to happen in this case. I am going to pretend that it was on purpose 😉

There is never a good time to do something like this. There are always weddings, parties, trips but I have decided that despite all that, I am going all in tomorrow. I am giving my body what it needs and going back to the basics. I look forward to sharing this journey with youur