Welcome to February, it?s time to Rev Up Your Resolution!

I know how you are feeling, you felt GREAT and we were READY to take 2016 by storm. But the wind is coming out of your sails and maybe you need some support or a good old fashioned kick in the tush. We all know how much less busy the gym is in February vs January. Well this year is YOUR year and you are not giving up. So…whatever that resolution is, let?s ?rev it up and make it a good one!

Rev Up your Business



3 Day Refresh+Shakeology-$50 Off!

21 Day Fix+Shakeology$50 Off!

21 Day Fix Extreme+Shakeology-$50 Off!

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3 Day Refresh+21 Day Fix Extreme+Shakeology-$70 Off!

Upcoming Challenge Groups

Rev Up Your Resolution starting February 7th

Our next challenge group starts February 7th with a concentration on being a better version of YOU! We will start the group by working on our Dream Boards and Goals for the whole year and move into rocking our fitness programs and eating plans. We are providing brand NEW meal plans that make meal prepping quick and easy with an emphasis on the 21 Day Fix Container Meal Plan System.
This group is open to ALL customers new and old. So if you would like to join just shoot me a message or email me at FitResQ@gmail.com

21 Day Fix Containers

New Coach Internship: Make Fitness Your Business

If you have every thought of turning Fitness into your Business in the past and I am running a BRAND NEW Internship program starting this week. I had an amazing 2015 and became an Elite Coach, something that only the Top .1% of the company accomplish.

Now, I want to pass that knowledge into 5 lucky people who want to join my New Coach Internship with Step by Step Guide on how to build your business. It will come with daily action items on what to do and how to do it! I will be sharing all of my secrets and teach you how I built a full time income helping people in my spare time.

This training will be for my Personally Sponsored New Coaches only so the group will be intimate and very engaging. I am REALLY looking for rockstars who want to grow this into something AMAZING <3
Please fill out an application here: https://jilliankaplan.wufoo.com/forms/apply-to-team-fit-resq/

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