I have sample kits Available!!! Our Pumpkin Shakeology came and went, literally it was sold out in 24 hours and it’s not coming back until {hopefully} next year! I don’t often have these but right now is the time to snag them before I run out. It’s a great way to TRY some of the product I have available without having to fully commit.?
BUT I bought a ton because you know, I love all things pumpkin and I sort of thought it would sell out and my customers would want it. The site literally kept crashing it was so popular!
If you want a sample kit they are $5 a sample with a minimum of 5 packets and you CAN mix and match with other flavors to create a pack, I have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cafe latte on hand in regular or vegan??Shipping is flat $5 for?however many you want!?

I am giving you this option because you are my customer before I post publicly next week <3 Once they are gone, they are gone, I literally cannot order more.?

AND you will get an meal plan and 7 day workout plan INCLUDED with your pack :)?

I have been drinking Shakeology since March 2014 and totally swear by it. This superfood drink is packed full of amazing things and works to refuel your body with everything it NEEDS and functions best with.

I have done a ton of research on Shakeology and all the ingredients in Shakeology, and this is not a protein shake! It has over 70 fruits, veggies and superfoods in it.

It is a true meal replacement not a protein shake as it has the nutrition on a meal and is not just meant to keep you full! Want to snag a kit just email at fitresq@gmail.com and you can grab one!

I crack myself up!