Today I’m going to show you how I stay super focused to my business without scrolling on facebook, so I don’t know if you guys know this but you can actually group your friends in your feed so you know sort of ?who you’re focusing on and what you are doing on facebook because I know people are always like?Jillian how the heck do you run your business in less than an hour a day? how the heck do you make a full time income and how do you stay so focused??So, I’m going to show you that, so if you go to your home screen you can actually go to these list and you’ll see them right here, these are all of my prospects, these are my challenger prospects, these are my coaching prospects, these are my challengers, these are the coaches on my team, these are other beach body coaches and you could put people in list and you could put people as many list as you want she also went to college with her so she’s in my college list facebook group turn that as you can see that’s one of the ones with the lightning bolt next to it but these one’s are on my list that I can put her on any list that I want just by checking and unchecking but I know that she’s a coach in my team list, so, if I go, over to that list of my team [iaudible] rest of the coaches because sometimes I like to go to my coaches stuff and make sure them comment [inaudible] supporting them and sort of stuff.?I can pull up this list of all the coaches on my team and it will just bring me to all of their posts only.

Wants to SEE me use these lists step by step by sharing my screens? Watch this awesome video: