Are You a Starter-Stopper-Starter?

I notice a pattern with the successful people on my team and the people that tend to struggle a little bit more and you know really get their business going. So, I asked the question: “Are you a starter-stopper-starter?” You are kind of like that what the heck does that mean? So are you someone that starts something and something gets in the way because that’s life. Right? The truth is none of us have time. We all make time. Like people say to me “Oh I just don’t have time.” I don’t have time either. No one has like extra time sitting around. Right? That’s the reality of real life like we are all busy.

And, busy is not a badge of honor. People will say ‘oh I am so busy’. And they think that makes them like feel more important. It shouldn’t. It shouldn’t. We are all busy.

So what happens is people get started… in business or even on their health and fitness journey. And, they do it for a couple of months or whatever and then they just stop. Why? I don’t know. Something happens. Something gets in the way. I get that like real life always happens to be but there is always going to be something and there is never a good time. That’s just the reality.

They decide ‘I shouldn’t have let that happen’ and they start again. When you do that you have to like restart for yourself, but you also have to restart for your audience. Because I can guarantee when you decided to start this business or this fitness journey, your audience is probably skeptical. They were like ‘oh this is just another fad’. Like he or she won’t last doing this. So when you stop, or when you take a break or whatever you want to call it, when you let life get in the way, you are?confirming?what your audience thought.

And because we are health and fitness coaches and we don’t just sell products, we actually support people on their journeys, the audience wants to know that we are going to continue to be there for them. So when we stop they are like “Oh well he or she just ditched me. Like I am on my own now because they don’t have the support of my coach because he or she is not showing up?every day?in our private accountability group.” So, it is?really, really, really hard for people to build a?long-term?sustainable business if they are the starter-stopper-starter kind and everything happens sort of gets in the way of their journey. And if you don’t quit, you don’t fail. I am not saying that like anyone that does this is a failure by any means. What I am saying is they are making their job so much harder. When you decide to re-start you are going to have to work MUCH harder than if you just did what you could while life was getting in the way.

Honestly, I work my business in an hour or two a day. I earn a?secondary?full-time income… and I will tell you that we do not guarantee any level of income. But I earn a?secondary?full-time income doing this while I work a full-time job at a Fortune 10 company. This isn’t my full-time job because I am consistent. Not because I have so much extra time. Not because I am not busy. I am not any of those reasons. I am just consistent. I just show up every single day and my customers and my team?knows?that I am going to be there every single day. Right? When my customers decide to join me they know that I am going to help them and then I am going to answer their questions and that I am going to show up every single day in our accountability group with them to help them, and encourage them, and inspire them to go and their workout, to drink their superfoods, to stay on their meal plan. Right? That is what we have to do.

So, I encourage you if you have done this starter-stopper-starter thing a couple of times and you are feeling like: “Man my business is going nowhere” think about that. Think

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Be Consistent!