Starting over is hard.

A few weeks ago I committed with 4 other Moms to get back on my healthy eating plan! No pills and no crash diets just eating Whole Foods in the right portions and it?s easily modified for my milk supply

I have been cleared for exercise and I will be starting SLOW with 30 minutes a day that I can do from home and have a little Mommy time while Elle rests. Exercise has become my therapy.

I was not always a fan of working out, in fact I would do most anything to avoid it. I was that girl that would fake being hurt or sick in gym class so I didn?t need to participate because I was so overweight and embarrassed at how slow I was.

Now at 34 years old, 4 weeks #postpartum I am cleared for workouts ahead of the curve because I was in such good shape before I delivered. It?s never too late to make a change.

Day One or One Day? It?s Day One for me! So many emotions this morning…

I checked in with my ladies today and told them how HARD it was for me. I struggled, I wanted to quit, I had to modify the modifier, I was sweating like crazy and I am going to be SORE tomorrow.

I am truly starting over but I have had to start over more times than I can count so what?s one more? Who else has had to start over before? I know I?m not alone…..


That was HARD