I am starting over yet again. My butt may be uneven because I can’t put full weight on my right leg but you better believe I’m participating in the BOOtiful October challenge group starting tomorrow. Goal: have an even butt?????It sounds like such a small goal but I am telling you it is HUGE for me.?

This challenge will be for anyone using a program that is utilizing the super simple?#PortionFix?eating system! You get color coded tupperwear for each food group and if it fits, you eat it??

You can pick one of 7 programs and get a week of Blue Apron free: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master’s Hammer & Chisel, Insanity Max: 30, CIZE, 22 Min Hard Corps and Country Heat!?

Don’t worry if you are wanting to order now, you can gain access to the program and meal plan within 24 hours of your order and you can still participate. We have
-Meal plans
-Shopping lists
-And a private group to ask questions and get help as needed???

These are my personal results from 21 Day Fix Extreme from last summer and the body on the right is what I am striving to get back to?#goals

Want to join us? Just let me know, I have a few spots left???

21 Day Fix

My 21 Day Fix Extreme Results