I’m going to show you how I stay super organized with my contacts and making sure that I keep in touch with my prospects using Streak. I have posed for the people who are already on my team, the people who have joined my challenge groups, my customers, how to make sure that I sort of keep that stuff all together. I’m not big on spending money on customer relationship management tools.

I’ve tried a lot of different tools, and this is the one I’ve settled on. It is a Gmail extension called Streak. I’m not going to do a full tutorial for you today. I’m just going to show you kind of the basics of it and how I use it. So if you go to three dots at the top right of your email and you go to More, you’ll be able to search for Streak, and download it into your Gmail. I created these things called Pipelines and I have three Pipelines. I keep things ? what I think is pretty simple.

I have Coaches, which is all the coaches on my team, and I have them broken out so coaches, discount coaches, inactive coaches, coaches that have quit, coaches that are active. So you can split them up into these different subcategories within a category, if you’d like to. So these are all my coaches. Whenever I need to send something to my coaches, I can use this Pipeline. And I don’t keep a lot of information here. It’ll tell you how long they’ve been on that stage, but I just use the name,what stage they’re in and their email. That’s what’s most important to me. You can add a lot more categories if you’d like but, like I said, I like to keep things pretty simple.


These are my coaching prospects. You’ll see I only really have one Pipeline here. These are just people I’ve sent info to that I need to follow-up with. Day in stage is a little more important because I want to know when I first added them to this and sent them the info, so I can look in here and say, okay, well, I just sent these people info today, I don’t need to follow-up with them but maybe someone I sent to a hundred somewhat days ago, you know, I want to make sure that I’m following up with them consistently to make sure that they don’t have any questions. And my last one is Customers. So these are all of my customers. These are not people I’ve sent coaching info to, these are not my actual coaches, these are just my customers.

Want to see me use Streak in my own gmail? Check out this video tutorial: