If You are Stingy with Your Knowledge, Your Paycheck will be Stingy with You!

I wanted to come to talk to you about not being stingy. So I hear a lot of people say: You know I will help you when you do this or when you purchase this. And you can’t do that if you are trying to grow a business the right way. You have to be giving in what you know!

I run a totally free clean eating group. We have recipes, meal plan, support, accountability, and you could even try all of our workouts for free so 8,000 workouts for free for 14 days and it costs $0. And you get me as your coach and you get my support and I help people in that group as much as I help the people that commit to a challenge pack and challenge group and make that long term commitment in their fitness.

I can give you my knowledge and I can share with you healthy recipes, and meal plan tips, and prepping tips, and how I do things, and what helps me, and little mini workouts that can help you. Every single month in that group we run a fun challenge, we have done an abs and booty challenge, we do free clean eating plans, BBQ plans – all sorts of different stuff. I am not saying that you need to give everyone like a bunch of free product because that is not the way to run a business, right? But we have knowledge that we can share. We have knowledge and we can help people with our knowledge and it doesn’t cost us anything and it doesn’t cost our customers anything.

So if you have ever been like you know: I would love to work with Jillian, but I don’t have money to commit to a program or to commit to Shakeology, reach out! I have this totally free group. I am more than happy to work with you. I am more than happy to share what I know. I add value in the group every single day like I add recipes, and motivation, and meal plans, and all sorts of stuff to help people get started on their health and fitness journey if they are not ready to commit to a program yet which is totally, totally, totally fine.

If you are business person and you are only willing to help people if they purchase something, in my opinion you are not doing things correctly you need to give what you can knowledge base wise. And before you expect anything in return you need to give freely, because that is really how you are going to build a massive business and build trust and build relationships and help people.

That is the big goal in what I do as a health and fitness coach. I don’t want to sell someone something and walk away. I much rather have someone in my free group and see amazing results than have someone that purchases something and saw no results, because they didn’t have the support that they needed.

Next week we are starting a 7 Day Mason Jar Healthy Eating Plan complete with 7 days of recipes, snacks, tips and tricks. Email me at fitresq@gmail.com and let’s get you started!


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