The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

What is the secret to success? I work a nine to five job at a Fortune 10 Company that I enjoy, and I?ve been able to build my online business while working full time to the top .01% of the company, which is pretty decent considering?that I really only work my online business about an hour a day.

So what is the secret to my success and why is it so important? Well I think – drum roll pleaseeeeeee ? the secret to my success is simply being consistent. I don?t have any sales background, I don?t have marketing background, I don?t have social media background, I don?t have anything special. I?m just really consistent. That is the secret to my success

So consistency does a couple of things in your business for you. The first thing that it does is that obviously if you?re consistent, people see you in their social media feeds, they see what you?re putting out there, they sort of are drawn to what you are saying consistently because you are putting out things that add value on a consistent basis. So they?re coming to your page consistently for assistance and to gain value and to understand what you?re all about.

So obviously consistency is really important in that regard in order to keep building your business. Now, what I think is even more interesting is what happens when you?re not consistent. So, when you?re not consistent, people think that it?s just another fad. So it?s like so and so tried that for five weeks and obviously it didn?t work because she?s not posting about it anymore, or he?s not posting about it anymore, or he?s not sharing his story anymore, or it clearly doesn?t work and doesn?t solve a problem because it?s not out there anymore for these people to see.

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