Are you ready for a ?Sugar Detox? Detox seems to be a huge buzzword these days in the health and fitness world. It seems like everywhere I look, someone is talking about detoxing from one thing or another. There are detox pills, detox herbs, detox tea: you name it and there is someone out there who things you need to detox from it. So before we go any further here, let’s clarify DETOX. All of our bodies have natural detoxification abilities. We don’t need pills or teas or wraps to allow our bodies to do what comes naturally.

So what is a Sugar Detox? Simply put: detox (eliminate) from an external source of your empty calories.
Sugar Detox

Too much sugar in your diet? Time to make a change.

ADDED sugar can be just as detrimental and addicting as other substances, and it’s negative consequences can wreck havoc with more than just your waistline. Too much sugar has been known to cause problems with just about every major system in the body

  • Glucose levels
  • Liver issues
  • Hormone levels
  • Endocrine system
  • Dental Health
  • and more

So what do we do? It’s time to get serious about how much added sugar we ingest. Sugar is a sneaky thing, and is in more than candy, soda and sweets. Education about how to identify hidden sugars in your diet, and how to to eliminate the cravings are what we can focus on together. Starting on May 2nd I will host a free online group to help our bodies and minds lose the Sugar. There will be daily exercises, lots of healthy food and drink alternatives, and support. What better way to kick start summer than to be kind to your body and make a change for the better. So join me for my 10 day Sugar Detox Challenge by commenting here or RSVP to the event here:?