For those of you who follow me in Instagram and Facebook you may know that due to my hard work in my first few months as a coach, I won myself a FREE ticket to Summit in Nashville, TN. Totally lucky?coincidence that the dog rescue I volunteer with is based there! I got to take an awesome trip that encompassed both my passions: Fitness and Dogs 🙂

Summit was seriously an amazing experience. I got to put faces with names and SQUEEZE all of these ladies and gents that have been such powerful forces in my life! I can’t tell you how awesome it was to get to meet all these people. These people inspire me to be my best and help others be their best!





I also had the pleasure of traveling with one of the coaches on my team. She is seriously a FORCE and has had an amazing transformation. It was so much fun getting to know her and learning so much side by side. I love that so many of these ladies have turned into friends that I know I will have for a lifetime.


And then their was the shopping. We got FIRST DIBS on so much new Beachbody Merchandise! I am not a huge shopper but I seriously had a field day. Who else prefer to buy workout gear over ‘regular clothes’. I am over here raising my hand! I got to try new supplements, boosts and literally get a whole new wardrobe that I LIVE in!


And who could forget all the recognition? Getting to WALK ON STAGE at LP Field and fancy parties! I seriously have never been made to feel SO special.

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Lastly, getting to WORKOUT with the trainers that have gotten me in the best shape of my life from my basement. I watch them everyday and I got to workout with ALL OF THEM in person! I seriously wanted to hug them and show them my transformation, and given the time I probably would have 🙂

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All in all it was an awesome trip. The friends, the speakers, the parties, the trainers and the shopping 🙂 As soon as I got home my husband and I bought tickets so we BOTH can go next year. He just wants to workout with Tony Horton 🙂 I can’t wait to share that experience with him.

Next post we will chat about the dogs 🙂