So, I am ex-Weight Watcher addict. I always did it online. I wasn’t big into the meetings. I just felt like I never really fit in age wise and I just got more comfortable doing the program online.?

What I really started to struggle with Weight Watchers was the fake foods. I know that they are not required but they talk a lot about drinking diet soda; because, it is free and eating sugar free. And buying a lot of their processed snacks; because, they are low in points. And I really started to see a change in my digestion and I had a lot of stomach issues to the point where I couldn’t go the bathroom; because, I was eating so much processed stuff.

All the artificial sugars in the diet soda that I was consuming every single day was really not sitting well with me and I had to come up with something different, I just had to from my own sanity. And it became not so much about losing weight but more about eating healthy foods.?

And that’s when I discovered the Portion Control Eating Plan which is basically an eating plan that is made up of whole foods in every single food group. So it is not low carb. It is not low fat. It is not high carb. It is just about eating every single food group in the correct portions and allowing their body to get its digestion back on track. Between this and Shakeology, I am not hungry or living on laxatives which I was before. I will candidly say that it is not something I talk about a lot; because, it is uncomfortable. I tried cleanses. I went to the doctor. I mean I did everything that I could. And it wasn’t until I started eating whole foods and stop having so much artificial stuff in my body that I saw big change.

So, with the Portion Control Eating Plan you get containers for each food groups. You get Green for veggies, Red for protein, Purple for fruit, Blue for healthy fats like avocado, hummus, cheese; Yellow for carbs and then you get a little Orange containers for things like oil, seeds, nuts and dressing. And you get a certain amount of containers today depending upon your calculation just like with Weight Watchers, if you do a calculation you get so many points. Thus you get 4 green containers, 5 red containers and whatever. And what fits in container you eat it. The containers have lid so if you are interested in using them to grab-n-go you can do that. That’s super easy! Or you can just use that as a measuring tool. I personally have seen a lot more success not only with weight coming off and staying off with the containers but also with digestion.?

So, that’s really the big difference and what’s worked for me. I am not saying it is gonna work for everyone and I am not saying Weight Watchers doesn’t work; because, I have done it. And I have lost weight on it. But unfortunately I couldn’t keep the weight off.

I struggled a lot with that and I was having all these digestive issues. And it was very hard for me to sort of stay on their plan without eating all these processed foods. And I know that you can do it. I know that can stay on their plan and NOT EAT all these processed foods. But they really almost encourage them; because, they feel like, okay well it keeps this person full or whatever. But if you just eat whole foods in the right portions, you are gonna so full. I have people tell me all the time, “Oh my God this is so much food. I can’t even eat of my containers.” Isn’t that crazy? You know you think, “Oh I am going on a diet.” It is not a diet. It is complete lifestyle change and I am telling you it will change your life.

Clean Eating has helped me so much!