I am Taking Back my Pre-Baby Body!

I?m not gonna lie, the last few months my challenge groups have been filling up without me being able to open them to the public but this month I FINALLY have a few spots so I?m opening it up ??

Before I had Michelle I had lost 40+ lbs with good nutrition and fitness. As a recovering binge eater and diet pill addict, it was hard to learn that the only way to really lose weight and keep it off was ?the old fashioned way.? I have always talked about 21, 30, 60 and 90 day programs but I find that people tend to fall off after the program ends.

This time around I am looking for people who want get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. FOR GOOD!

I?m going to give you EVERY single fitness program we?ve ever launched PLUS any new fitness programs we launch over the next year, if you were to complete them all it would take you over 9 years! By then it will become habit ?

PLUS you will get an early look at the nutrition program that I have been testing out.

For me health and fitness has become SO MUCH more than looking good, its how I live.

If you snag one of these 3 spots you also get a free week of Blue Apron or HelloFresh meal delivery to make it even easier to get started!

Ready to lose 10, 20, 50+ lbs with me? I?ve done it before and I am going to do it again ? Wanna join me? Fill out an app:?https://goo.gl/forms/TpkuiLydNM1VxXZJ2

I am getting back there!