I know all about being a beginner and making it a life-long journey

With tons of conflicting advice on the internet and all the buzz words like Keto, HIIT, Cardio, Interval Training etc. It seems IMPOSSIBLE

It’s the START the STOPS most people. So just start, seriously…put down the donut and go for a walk. It’s really as simple as that to get started.

What is important to remember that you didn’t get out of shape overnight and you aren’t going to get in shape overnight. One sit up is not going to get you 6 pack abs. I know I am officially the bearer of bad news #realitycheck

I yo-yo dieted and binge ate for YEARS. I was even addicted to diet pills, which royally messed up my metabolism. So after trying EVERYTHING on the market, I figured out the key to success to getting fit, losing weight and staying that way.

  1. Exercise
    The beauty of exercise is that there a ton of ways to do it. Running, swimming, dancing, weightlifting, boxing? the list goes on. If you hate running, don’t do it. If you love yoga, then do that. Do not force something because if you dread your workout then the motivation won’t exist I love using our Fitness On Demand because it gives me choices from 10 mins to 60 mins to yoga to cardio to weights and beginner to advanced.
  2. Eat right
    You?ve probably heard the phrase, ?Abs are made in the kitchen” and “You can’t outrun a bad diet” well first of all I HATE the word diet but these are BOTH true. 80% of weight loss is what you eat so even if you are moving your body everyday, you HAVE to eat right. That doesn’t mean chicken and broccoli everyday but it does mean follow a nutrition plan that you can live with FOREVER. Fitness is important but Nutrition is king when it comes to weight loss and muscle gain.
  3. Keep yourself accountable
    This is easier said than done. You KNOW yourself and you know what works. So many it’s setting a reminder for yourself, getting a coach or joining an online group. Find a way to start and not spot. Healthy is a journey for LIFE and not a start and stop.

My Top 5 Beginner’s Fitness Programs for getting fit and healthy:

  1. Clean Week, try out fitness, nutrition and supplements for a week with no future commitment.
  2. 2B Mindset, our easiest no counting nutrition program to lose weight happily and keep it off for good.
  3. Morning Meltdown, with 2 modifiers, 20-30 min workouts and simple nutrition this is one of my FAVES and my current program.
  4. Yoga Retreat, did you know we have an entire yoga studio on demand and you can try it free for 2 weeks.
  5. 21 Day Fix, one of the originals and still a super simple way to start with your fitness + nutrition.