I started a new program, because why not? I mean seriously I love to change things up and keep my body guessing. The new workout is Body Beast and is based on heavy lifting and super sets. This kind of lifting is AMAZING burns a ton of calories, burning more calories means eating more. So how the heck do I keep my grocery bill down. Here are my best tips for eating on the?Body Beast Eating Plan on a Budget:

  1. Buy in Bulk. You can find rice, potatoes, beans, oats, nuts and protein foods for pennies on the dollars. Plus you can buy chicken, beef etc and wrap in individual servings and freeze for later use. So easy!
  2. Avoid ready-made prepackages meals. This is great for your health and your wallet, why pay for that pretty packaging.
  3. Buy your fruits and veggies in season. This is simply the rule of the supply and demand. If there is more of it, the price will go down. If it’s in season there will be more
  4. Always use a grocery list. Also avoid shopping on an empty stomach if you’re prone to impulse buying
  5. Keep and eye out for sales and coupons
  6. Top affordable bodybuilding foods
    1. Canned Tuna
    2. Eggs
    3. Chicken Breast
    4. Lean ground beef or turkey
    5. Nut butters
    6. Whole Grain Breads and Pasta
    7. Cottage Cheese
    8. Legumes
    9. Bananas
    10. Oats
    11. Brown Rice
    12. Whey Protein
    13. Shakeology
    14. Potatoes

Here is my accountability post, pre beast with my #beastbuddy. Let’s do this! See you in 90 days!