I get it, you’re crazy busy, I’m crazy busy, we’re all crazy busy!

Losing weight is challenging no matter what, but when you have a hectic schedule full of appointments, errands, and random time-sucking obligations, your goals to slim down can feel straight-up impossible.

Here?s the good news, though: You CAN do this and if you do it slowly it’s more likely it will stay off.

The key is learning to plan ahead and organize your day in a smart, efficient way. Before long, your weight-loss habits will become second nature, not to mention totally worth the extra effort.

Read on for 5 easy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule!Meal Prep Every Week

1.Meal prep doesn?t just save time and energy, it?s also key to ensuring you stay on-track with your nutrition goals. I get it, you don’t know what you will be in mood for tomorrow let alone Friday so HOW you can you prep? You can do what I do, you can buffet style prep which ensures that you when you open your fridge you will have grab and go options like: fruit, veggies, healthy carbs, easy to access protein and hydration at your finger tips. It’s really THAT easy.

2. Store Healthy Snacks EVERYWHERE
When you get hungry you need to heave something healthy for you to grab or else that muffin will be in your mouth. Healthy eating isn’t about being hungry, it’s about making good choices when you are hungry. Store healthy stuff in your desk, bag, purse etc. My go to is BeachBars. They are low in sugar with no artificial stuff and taste like a TREAT!

3. Drink More Water. More Water=More Weight Loss. Drinking before a meal can help you to feel full and eat less, especially when your body hasn’t had time to process that you have eaten yet. You should be drinking half your body weight in oz everyday so if you are 150 lbs you should be drinking 75oz and every adult should be drinking a minimum of 64 oz.

4. Sit down and have a meal. There is something that is mentally satisfying about eating. If you eat on the go all the time (we all have to do it sometimes) you don’t ever FEEL like you’re eating and you aren’t actually enjoying the food. So sit down, enjoy it and don’t multi-task for a change.

5. Make your workouts consistent. The reality is that 80% of healthy living and weight loss is nutrition BUT working out has SO many amazing benefits. If you prefer the gym, go. Or take a walk or a run, just MOVE at least 5 days a week for 30 mins. I workout from home and I am happy to give you a two week free trial of my workouts if you want to try it. They are 30 mins or less and get you insane results.

You are no too busy