The Lazy Girl’s Fit Guide

Nobody believes me but I am lazy.

I think a nicer word is ‘efficient’ but really, I am just a little a lazy.

If I can spend 30 mins working out and get the same results that I can get in 2 hours, then I am doing the 30 mins.

If I can make a healthy meal in 10 mins vs. 60 mins and it costs the same, you better believe I am going for the 10 mins even if it’s half made or I have to use some frozen stuff.

The Lazy Girl’s Workout Guide

We are all busy, I get it. So I workout at home, with my kid. I don’t have time to get to the gym and honestly I don’t really want to pay for a gym membership. I can get CRAZY results working out at home on my own schedule in 20-30 minutes a day and it costs me 27 cents a day. You cannot find a single gym membership for that price.

The Lazy Girl’s Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is something that is even more of a struggle if you are lazy (like me). Usually the ‘fast food’ option that a is available isn’t healthy. I don’t have time to shop 2-3x a week. I don’t have the budget to buy all organic. So how do I do it? Well I like NEVER eat out, it’s way too expensive. Honestly you have no idea what they put in the food. Probably a lot of butter I don’t use at home.

One of my biggest hacks is FROZEN FOOD! Yes, I use tons of frozen veggies and fruit. It’s frozen at the peak of freshness so often more nutritious than fresh food plus it is WAY cheaper and lasts a super long time. I literally have cauliflower rice by the dozen in my freezer. They are like $2 a bag and I can figure out how to add it to any meal to make it more filling!

You don’t need a ton of time or money. You can be a little lazy {eh hem} efficient and still get great results. Want to work with me 1×1 and learn all my secrets, apply here