The Results are IN!

4 months ago I nearly lost my life when I was hit by a car crossing a crosswalk with my dog. I had emergency brain surgery to save my life. I also had two pelvis surgeries and shattered my pelvis, face, sacrum and sternum. I spent 2 months in a wheelchair unable to stand and they were not sure I would ever walk again. With some amazing doctors, family, friends and determination I am proud to say that I overcame the odds.

The results are IN and I fought for it. I fought harder than I’ve ever fought in my life. I am going to be honest, my body responds best to programs with cardio and weights so I was nervous that Core De Force required no equipment but I would say it worked??

I know my abs came in but can we talk about my butt?! I can’t believe how much it changed! It got pretty flat sitting in that wheelchair??

I worked out, I stuck to my nutrition through my birthday and Thanksgiving and drank my Superfoods everyday. I didn’t take pills, wrap myself or starve myself. I used a really simple plan and you can do the same if you commit.

I am coming for ya, 2017! Who’s coming with me? If you want to join my next accountability group, I would love to help you???Email me at and let’s get started!

I know my abs came in, but can we talk about my butt?!