I talk to a TON of people about their health and fitness goals. Most people will say, I want to tone my abs, or get rid of my love handles, or shrink my booty, or get rid of that arm jiggle. Want to know the secret to target training? You can’t target train. Did you know that? You cannot workout a certain part of your body and lose fat from that part of your body. It is not possible.

What you can do is workout a certain part of your body to build and tone that part of your body, but you have to get rid of the fat above that area you have worked so hard to tone. So how do you get rid of that layer fat? You get rid of the layer of fat with your nutrition.You can’t outrun a bad diet.

80% of weight loss is your nutrition. It is not working out. So even if you are injured or have some sort of physical limitation, or a dead beginner, or have never worked out in your life, the good news is you don’t have to workout to lose weight.I know that weight loss comes from your nutrition,

So if you are ready to jump-start your weight loss, if you are ready to lose weight, and you are ready to get that 6-pack and you are ready to get those toned arms and get rid of those love handles, and get that booty you know the way that you wanted to look, you got to get your nutrition on track. I want to be clear that exercise IS important for your health and can assist in weight loss for sure but the majority of weight loss is in your nutrition.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for getting your nutrition on track:

-Limit how much you eat out, even healthy choices as restaurants are loaded with fat, sugar and calories.

-Get your family on board, if everyone is supporting each other it’s much easier

-Meal Plan, know what you are going to be eating through the day and it makes it MUCH easier

-Plan your treats, I am not suggested you don’t eat anything bad for you but I am suggesting you don’t eat EVERYTHING bad for you so plan it out and enjoy it

-Make it a LIFESTYLE, a diet had a start and end so think about how you can make changes that you can keep for life!

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