What to know the test of a truly healthy eating plan?

So many people have asked what I am eating while I am pregnant and if I am sticking to a plan. So I am going to tell you quite frankly that the test of a really good healthy eating plan not just for a weight loss but for overall health is: Can you do while you are pregnant? Can you stick to the eating plan while you are pregnant? Is it safe and healthy for your baby? And if the answer is yes, then it is a truly healthy eating plan. The really important thing to think about when you are thinking about healthy eating is not supplements and processed food and a lot of chemicals, it is about eating whole healthy foods because that is what safe for you and your baby.

Obviously there are somethings that doctors recommend you don’t eat like deli meat, raw fish or alcohol etc. So you would not want to have things your doctor does not recommend you eat.

So the answer for me is I am pretty much eating exactly the same way I was before I got pregnant. I have just upped myself a container bracket. It helps me with the right?amount of protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, seeds, nuts, oils, dressings. It helps me really hone in on making sure I have the right combination of things in my body, which is great for baby too. And I am adding my Shakeology which I have been approved to drink by both my mid-wife and my doctor. I am drinking it, but you definitely want to get advice?from your doctor and your mid wife because every single person is different and every single pregnancy is different. S

I am still basically eating the same foods. I am just not eating at a deficit, so I am not eating to lose weight, but I am actually eating a bracket up so extra servings of things, because I am entering my third trimester, where you need between 300-500 extra calories a day. Everyone always says you are eating for 2. No. You are not eating for 2,You are eating for 1 plus a little bit extra, but you shouldn’t be doubling the amount of calories that you are eating. And when I am hungry?I have extra servings of veggies or proteins something to keep me full. I am not perfect. I eat about 80/20 so 80% pretty clean and on plan and 20% treats, but I am certainly not sitting down eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s at night.

If you have any questions about what my meal plan look like, I am more than to share them. Just let me know!

Preggo Burrito Bowl! Combine: cauliflower rice, cooked ground turkey in taco seasoning and veggies. Top with cheese and salsa and enjoy!