I recently discovered Coconut Oil and Trader Joe?s has it for a very reasonable price. So what exactly IS coconut oil?

Pure virgin coconut oil, containing no hydrogenation (the process of adding hydrogen to make a liquid fat hard), contains 92% saturated fat ? the highest amount of saturated fat of any fat.

Like all fats, coconut oil is a blend of fatty acids. Coconut oil contains an unusual blend of short and medium chain fatty acids, primarily lauric (44%) and myristic (16.8%) acids. Additionally, because they come from coconuts, they may contain beneficial plant chemicals that have yet to be discovered.

As for calories, all fats have the same number of calories per gram. One tablespoon of coconut oils contains 117 calories, 14 grams fat, 12 g saturated fat, and no vitamins or minerals.

There are SO many uses, I would say probably HUNDREDS but here are my Top 5:

  1. Cooking with it to?Boost your metabolism.?While adding oil to your diet may sound counter-intuitive, the fats in coconut oil?medium-chain saturated fats?are easy to digest, can be used directly by the liver for?energy, and encourage?fat burning.
  2. Hair Conditioner.?Store-bought hair conditioning treatments can get pretty pricey and are often made with some sketchy?toxic ingredients. Enter: coconut oil. Beauty experts say the fatty acids in coconut oil will?soften your strands. One way to use it: Whip up an at-home hair mask, coat your hair, throw it up into a bun, let it sit for up to 40 minutes, and then rinse it out in the shower.
  3. Oil pulling. It is an Ayurveda practice that?s?all the rage?at the moment, is believed to help your well-being in tons of different ways: it whitens your teeth, improves your skin, gets rid of toxins, and more. To give it a go with coconut oil, swish about two tablespoons of it around your mouth for three to 10 minutes a day.
  4. Relieve your pet?s itchiness.?If you notice your pooch scratching a specific spot more than usual, rub some coconut oil into the area to help relieve any?itchiness or irritation. This one?s another remedy to run by your vet before you test it on your pet.
  5. As a Moisturizer. Literally just use it instead of your regular lotion on your skin. I especially love to use it on my legs after I shave.


Coconut Oil