Today?I am gonna talk to you about all of the things that SUCK about Network Marketing. Just totally SUCK!

  • Complaining

So, people that try your product and they hate it. People that try your product and it doesn’t work for them or they purchase your product and they don’t even do anything with it and they still complain about it. I actually had a woman tell me her product didn’t work and she returned?which is the worst, right? If it is so bad they return it and want their money back. We have a 30 day money back guarantee?and so they are allowed to do that. And when I saw she returned I asked her like “What happened?” And she is like, “Well it didn’t work.” And I was like, “Okay, let’s talk about it like what didn’t work for you.” And she was like, “Well I never opened the box.” Like really you are gonna complain you never open the box? So, that’s the first thing that like totally SUCKS about Network Marketing.

  • Rejection

We all get rejected all the time. I can tell you for every ‘Yes’ I get. I probably get a 100 ‘No?s. And we don’t finally do for to do a challenges and sort of making game of it; because, if not you get really down on yourself like you think it is you and it is NOT YOU. But it is part of what kinda SUCKS about Network Marketing. But it is a reality even for the top people in the business. They probably get way more ‘No?s then actually the bottom people in the business; because, they are working way harder to hit those goals. And the more ‘No?s you get, the more ‘Yeses’?you get.

  • The Lying

So, sometimes there is people that don’t mean to lie like they had every intention or ordering?or they say they are gonna order and then they do nothing. Or they ask you your signup link and they are like, “I am definitely?doing this this day”. And maybe they didn’t lie on purpose but something happened and they change their mind. And it appeals to you like it is a lie like so frustrating. So, that’s number 3 is the Lying.

  • Haters and the Downers

They seems to really get to me because people used to put me down or people still put me down for doing this business. And they don’t understand. They don’t get it. They don’t know why I put myself out there. But in the end, they are really unhappy probably with something with themselves and it is kinda projecting on you. So, well probably 90%+ of people in this business are gonna support you and there is gonna be that 10% better on the line. There is that like less than 1% that are just negative, haters, nasty and mean. And they SUCK. They totally SUCK.

  • The Sacrifice

There is a lot of sacrifice that goes into this business like if you want to grow business where you can retire from?your 9 to 5 early. You can retire from having to work with a man. You can earn a full time income. There is sacrifice that goes in and that means that maybe you don’t get to go out with your friends every single night at the week. Maybe you don’t get to have movie night the way that you used to. Maybe you are staying in some nights and sacrifice a little bit of sleep to get the work done. That part is difficult and it is something that SUCKS but in the long term you are gonna sees a HUGE HUGE results from it.

So, those are kind of the Top 5. So moving them to you again: Complaining, Rejection, Lying, The Haters and the Downers, and the Sacrifice. And those are pretty negative that those are pretty negative.

Now, let’s talk about the second 5.

  • Paying more taxes

Sucks, right? You gotta pay a ton of taxes when you are making a ton of money. It is a really downer being a Network Marketer. When you make a lot of money, the government takes more money from you. It is just a reality. And it can be a downer but you gotta think about it like if you are taking more money, I am probably making more money.

  • You gotta meet a lot of really cool new people

Sucks, right? You gotta meet all of these people that are like-minded, kicking butt, and wanna change their lives and help other people to change their lives. And you have to hangout with them. You have to get to know them. Really difficult, right? I have met the most amazing people through Network Marketing and some of my best friends who I didn’t even know excited before this opportunity.

  • Free trips

All the free trips, all the travel and there is a lot of perks. I have been to LA on a free cruise. Next we are going to the Dominic Republic. We have been to Nashville?twice. All these amazing included trips with these amazing speakers with all these people that you really like. Those airports are real difficult but someone gotta do it. Someone’s gotta make the sacrifice, right? Real hard part for sure.

  • Personal Development

So, working on yourself the inside out. Sometimes it is hard to take a good a long care of yourself and say, “Maybe I am struggling from?the inside out” and that’s hard. That’s hard for me. It is hard for a lot of people like it is just the reality of having to self reflect. And I can tell you personal development has changed my life in a positive way but in the beginning it was really hard for me. It is real hard to take a good hard look at yourself. And that’s number 9.

  • Free time

And number 10 of course is all the free time, right? Well, how you are gonna spend all of this time with your family now that you have been able to be your own boss and work from home? Real difficult to fill that time, you know? Maybe it is something you are not used to.

So, it is so funny like I just wanted to share these with you; because, I obviously you know the top 5 are sort of downers and the bottom 5 are obviously really positive things. But I can understand why people get down about them and I hear all the time, “Oh my God! I have to pay so much in taxes. Oh I have to see another airport.” Like your are going out free trips and you are making more money like something to be excited about.

So, I want you guys to think about that. I want you to think about how even the negative things can really positively?impact your life and how amazing opportunity is that you have in front of you. Want to learn about what I do??