Many of you know last week I went off the grid, I often don’t reveal where I am going/if I am going anywhere until after I have returned for privacy reasons. Last week, I spent 7 days off the grid enjoying a cruise to Bermuda with my husband and some friends. It was so relaxing to have no work, no schedule and best of all no cell phone.

One of the most challenging things about vacation is staying on track with your nutrition and workouts since it’s out of your normal routine and you are unable to prepare your meals. I would say cruises are one of the hardest vacations to stay on track, the food is unlimited and we happened to have an unlimited booze package also. While I realize I am not likely going to lose weight on a cruise, I did not want to backtrack on all the progress I made. I came up with 10 ways to enjoy myself while staying on track. I am happy to say that on a vacation where the average American gains 10 lbs, I gained 0 lbs!

Here we go:

1. Make your workout the first thing you do. Do not pass go (or the buffet) guzzle some water and head straight to the gym. You and I both know if you go lay out in the sun all day and then try to work out in the evening it ain’t happening. I was able to workout 6 of 7 days on my own. However, if you need a class to get you motivated there are tons of morning classes to sign up for.

2. Skip the bread basket. Super simple but can make a HUGE difference.

3. Enjoy dessert at ONE meal a day. Literally breakfast, lunch and dinner have dessert, pick one meal and enjoy it!

4. Avoid sugary cocktails. Pina Coladas are delish but they run 500+ calories a piece whereas a vodka and soda water runs about 90 calories. I did enjoy one dessert cocktail but the rest were more basic 🙂

5. Take a walking or biking tour. Bus and Car tours are lovely but they don’t burn calories. If you have a FitBit or something like it, strap it on and try to hit a goal!

6. Make sure to get enough greens! Carbs are cheap so there will be plenty of them but the leafy greens are gonna help keep your digestion on track and fill you up!

7. Indulge in protein, this steak says it all! I ate this first before I touched my sides 🙂


8. Get in atleast 1/2 your body weight in oz of water. This will not only help keep you hydrated but will also keep you from feeling famished. I made it my goal to hit 75 oz before my first meal during my gym session. I packed my own water bottle and always kept it full.

9. Always use the stairs, we never once took the elevator. The little things like this really add up.

10. Enjoy! Seriously, try to smile and have a treat. Not everything needs to be a treat but you should enjoy yourself without feeling guilt