Top 5 Tips for Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau

Because that totally happens and I?ve been there. I?m currently pregnant so weight loss is not my goal. But I?m certainly keeping fit and still eating healthy. I?m just not really restricting my calories but sticking to very whole foods that are best for me and the baby during the pregnancy.

So what happens when you hit a weight loss plateau? You?re going, going, going you?re consistently losing 1 to3 pounds a week which is pretty healthy steady weight loss and you?re still following the plan and all of a sudden you just stop losing weight, you stop seeing changes in your body and you stop losing inches.

Tip #1: Keep going. So when you hit a plateau the most important thing to do is keep going. I know that sounds crazy but that is really, really, really important to keep moving forward. Because if you stop doing what you?re doing, you?re actually going to slide backwards and you don?t want to do that. I?m not about quick fixes, no fat diets, no wraps, no pills if you?re looking for quick fixes I?m not your girl. I am about a long term healthy solution where you can get to a comfortable way for yourself and feel good and look like you want to look right and be healthy and maintain I, that is really the goal.

Tip #2. Get off the scale. Start taking pictures; you don?t have to share them. I know I share a lot of my pictures; you don?t have to share your pictures. But you certainly. And keep taking those pictures take them once a week. Take them however much you need to take them. Take your measurement that is a much better indicator than the scale. So I just want to make sure that you guys aren?t discouraged when you hit a plateau and then you keep moving forward.

Tip #3: Change up your workouts. It?s really important to change what you?re doing to keep your body guessing. So it?s really important to change the programs that you?re doing, there is where All Access can come in handy with 800+ workouts to chose form. Sometimes the weight that you want to be at might not be the weight that your body is comfortable at. I have always been on the upper end of my body mass index according. I am a healthy weight but I?m at the top end. There?s like a range for my weight and the range for my height is like 125 to 145 and I?ve always been in the 140s range. I was scale obsessed that I wanted to be 130 but honestly some of the best results I?ve seen from programs have not come from when I?ve lost a ton of weight like my picture difference is huge like I lose 10 inches but only three pounds. So try not to base yourself worth on that scale, keep moving forward.

I only lost 3 lbs but check out the physical difference!