My Top 5 Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays and CRUSH Your Resolution!?

  • Drink A LOT of Water

So, the first thing you can do is drink a lot of water, A TON OF WATER. Make sure you are drinking a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day. So that means if you are 150 pounds half of that is?75 ounces, minimum 75 ounces a day. I know most people recommend 64 which is basically like the total minimum that you should be having. But if your number comes out to higher than 64 due to your body weight, I definitely recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day. That will help get rid of the bloat and if any sort of like you are holding, it will help flush it out. Seems counter intuitive like why would you drink more water to flush water out but that’s what it does, especially, if you are holding salt from salty foods from the holidays.

  • Sugar is an?addiction

It is as addictive as cocaine some studies have showed which is just crazy. So, it is really important to get off of it before you really start to get addicted to it. So, any of those retreats you have been having cake, cookies and candies, you need to really get yourself off of it before it spirals into a long term addiction. That’s like the number 1 thing that you SHOULDN’T BE having is all of those treats filled with sugar. Want to kick that sugar addiction quick, try a refresh!?

  • Move More

You know what I mean? I feel like people sit still. They feel bloated. They are like tired and they kinda just sit on the couch. You should be moving a minimum of 30 minutes every single day even with just to get your dogs out for a walk or your kids out for a walk. I know it is cold out in a lot of places; but, is really important to get out and move your blood flowing get away from the kitchen for at least 30 minutes a day.

  • Leftovers

My 4th tip is to not eat all of those leftovers that are not good for you. If you have like some good turkey, and pot roast, and ham, and veggies and stuff that is good for you, put them in pre-portion containers like little lunches like put them in Tupperware?s and filled them with the right amount of veggies, carbs and meat and you can take for it for lunch. Your family can take it for lunch. You have them all set for dinner, they are grab-n-go. But if you have a ton of cookies leftover, if you had a lot of pies, cakes fried foods – I know that I am Jewish we eat latkes they are just fried potatoes which are delicious. But if we have any leftovers, we actually gave our leftovers away already but if we had any leftovers I would bring them to work. I do not want them in my house. I know that if they are here, I will eat them. So, any of those not good for you leftovers, those fried foods, those really really carb heavy foods that don’t have a lot of nutrition, the sugar foods, the cakes, the candies should all get out of your house instead of sitting there sort of taunting you.

  • Do not let yourself get hungry

And my last tip, Tip number 5, is do not let yourself get hungry. I know that sounds weird like people go “Oh well I just wanted for few days and I will be getting myself back on track.” You wanna make sure to keep your metabolism going.?

And I also find that if I get super hungry, sometimes I reach for something I shouldn’t have. So, if you have leftovers as pre-portion meals putting them in those meals are really help but also you don’t wanna get yourself get super hungry. You wanna make yourself like feel satisfied at all times and make sure to keep your metabolism sort of rolling.?

So, those are my Top 5 Tips for beating holiday bloat and also getting back on track overall after cheating or having treats for a few days. It is not a big deal to have treats for few days. I am all about living healthy lifestyle vs. like a strict diet. But, I find that if I continually have treats it turns into like this downward spiral, right? And you wanna make sure to get back on track as soon as you possibly can.

It’s Time to Get Back on Track