This isn’t just for health and fitness coaching – which is what I do. But because my new coach internship is kicking off today. I thought this was a great time to come to you and sort of talk to you about how I always mastermind getting to that next rank or promotion and what that’s gonna take. And I am gonna give you my top 5 tips today.

1) Top #1: Stop thinking about where you are

So the first tip I am gonna give you is stop thinking about where you are. Stop it! You are not gonna be there for long, right? Stop thinking about: Oh I am only here,I am only there. Stop doing that. You have to cut that out. It doesn’t matter. It is not gonna effect tomorrow because tomorrow you are gonna be at a new place, right? So that’s my first tip: stop thinking about where you are.

2) Top #2: Be relentless on where you are going

If you know you are going to point C or this promotion or that promotion, you have to be relentless. You have to be like laser focused, this is what I am doing. I am gonna do whatever it takes to get there. I am not gonna let anything stand in my way. You want people to be using that word: “Oh my goodness! Jillian got to that next promotion and she was relentless in getting there”, right? That is what you want people to be saying about you.

3)?Tip #3: Embrace…Despite?and Until

So, I know that like people get scared of those words like “Oh despite this or despite that or until this happens or until that happens”. You have to start embracing those words, right? You have to say like, “I am going to go do despite a fact that I am really busy this month”, or “I am traveling this month.” And I am gonna do this until I get to that promotion or that level or that income or whatever is I am trying to get to, right? You have to embrace those words. You have to not let those “despite’s” standing your way and instead you have to embrace them. So that is tip number 3: embrace, despite and until.

4)?Tip #4: Do the Math and Make it Happen

Tip number 4 is a math tip which is like my thing. I am a math girl, right? And that is figure out whatever you need and you are gonna have to double it. So, I am gonna with some math with you here. So, if you need say 10 people to get to your next promotion you really actually want to get 20 because getting 20 will account for those people that drop off and decide this isn’t for them, they give up before they even start. They do nothing. You know exactly what I am talking about. They talk, talk, talk that they wanna do a bunch of stuff and then don’t do anything, right? And they suck your energy out and you try to help them and they don’t want to help?themselves.

So, that is the first thing you wanna do, double what you need. And then you have to think about the fact that good closers, so good people that can actually have a sign up from a conversation get 10%. So if you need 10 but actually you need 20 like we talked about and you are good closer and you are getting 10% that means you need to talk to 200 people. But really like average person get about 5%, right? So that means you need to talk to 400 people in order to get to your next promotion that will mean 20 people signing up on your team.

And that goes back to tip number 2: being relentless. You are like, “Oh my god! I can’t talk to 400 people”. Yes you can. You can if you are relentless. You have to reverse engineer this in your head. If you talk to the first 10 people, they all say no and then you are like “Oh well there goes my 10 people. I am out.” No. You really have to talk to 400, right?

5) Top #5: Habits and appointments

Have habits and appointments which means have your calendar full of things that are gonna make you successful. Don’t have it full of the fluffy stuff. Have it full of inviting people, of sharing your story, of personal development, of recognition of the things that are going to move your business forward. You can’t have it full off the fluffy stuff. You just can’t. It is not gonna help move your business forward. It is not gonna get to you to your next promotion. Trust me there are stuff that I love to do but I do the stuff that I don’t wanna do first; because, my time is limited. I run my business in 1 to 2 hours a day. Really 1 hour a day during the week and I would say a total of 5-10 hours on the weekend when I do all my catch up. So I have to get those key activities done during the week. And I can’t be doing the fluffy stuff. I can’t be doing the stuff that I am like, “That seems fun. I can’t do that”.

So, I hope these tips were helpful for you guys. I hope you guys are going for that next promotion, for that next rank advancement for whatever is in your company and I hope you take these and I hope that you run with them!

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