I survived Week?1. Week?1 in the books.

Pictures taken, measurements recorded and I’m all weighed.

Me and 3 other women are making this happen. We are supporting each other when we have bad days and trying not to gag when we take our greens??(yep, they are NASTY).

The week has been OK. i wouldn’t say bad and I wouldn’t say great. I was really tired the first few days and I had my moments of HANGRY but it seems as though that has subsided. Friday night?was tough for me because Friday’s are a night I usually sit on the couch, have some wine and popcorn and chill. Truthfully I don’t even take the time to enjoy it because I’m barely paying attention to what I’m eating and I’m just chilling out. I am not even hungry, I’m just eating because it’s there??Being conscious of what I put in my body and when has been an eye opening experience. I definitely know that this is one of the thing I’ll take with me when this is over.

This fruit and yogurt parfait was out of this world, such a perfect time of year to be doing this with all the amazing fresh fruit.??#?getinmybelly?


It’s so funny, people always tell me ‘I could never be a coach because I can’t even keep myself on track.’ Well that’s awesome because that makes you real. Most of us don’t live our whole life self motivated. I love helping others and little do they know, they keep me on track just as much. Even as a coach, I need my challenge groups. I need a positive and private place to check in.

So I’m excited for this intimate group. I’m excited to get to know these ladies and I’m excited for the support. I need it as much as they dour1