Why do I bother to help people with free groups? Well this is my PASSION and I want to help as many people as I can! One thing that’s really different about coaching than a lot of other direct sales businesses is that we don’t sell something and then walk away. We help our clients and sometimes the clients don’t see the value in that. When you say to them — when you purchase a program or Shakeology or a Challenge pack I actually help you every step of the way; I help you use the program; I give you meal plans, support, private accountability, one on one support, whatever it is you need to be successful.

And they’re like — that’s great, well what does that really mean, is that really going to help me?

One thing that sometimes we have to do for our clients is prove to them what we have to offer and the value that we have to offer. Because until they’re part of that environment it’s really hard for them to understand what we have to offer.

Before Beachbody ever did direct sales and had a coaching network they had a ton of success with infomercials; they still do infomercials. It was just a huge, huge success for them. The reality is they didn’t need coaches. Beachbody made a ton of money through infomercials. The problem was no-one was using the products. You might think — well why does that matter? They were making a ton of money; who cares if no-one was using them?

Beachbody’s mission is to end the trend of obesity and they want people to use their products. They don’t just care about making money and walking away, just like as coaches we don’t want to just sell you something and walk away. We want to show you that you can do this. Next week for example, I am running a totally FREE 7 Day BBQ Clean Eating group to teach people how to enjoy summer parties and not fall off track! Check out this sweet potato bun turkey burger #getinmybellyTurkey-Sliders-Sweet-Potato-Bun

So with the Free Groups when somebody is not ready to commit to a program or challenge pack or Shakeology we can show them what we have to offer and the value that we have to offer. Want more tips? Check out the full video!