My motto for my meal plan: Keep it simple. So many people have asked me HOW I meal plan. How I find the the time, have the energy or even understand how to meal plan and what I should eat. Let me start by saying, I am not a nutrition expert. I actually have learned A LOT since I started coaching and I recently even took a course but I leave the exact amount I should eat to the experts.

I use a simple meal plan called portion fix and it fits in well with my workouts and makes things super easy to plan out. I get 6 containers:

Green for Veggies

Red for Protein

Yellow for carbs (and yes, you can eat pasta!)

Purple for fruit

Blue for healthy fats (avocado, cheese etc)

Orange for oils/seeds/nuts

I can have a certain amount of each of these containers every single day. I can either just use them for measuring or use them as tupperware to grab and go. It makes my life super easy and takes all the guess work out. PLUS it’s all whole, healthy foods and not a bunch of processed stuff which really messes with my digestion.

I even can use my secret weapon: Shakeology in my meal plan! It counts a as red and is a total meal replacement (not just a protein shake) with over 70 fruits, veggies and superfoods to help you feel full, curb cravings, gain energy and promote healthy weight loss. You aren’t going to lose a bunch of weight just by drinking it but i you combine it with a healthy meal plan, you will see a HUGE difference plus it makes meal planning easier since it’s one meal that is DONE for you!

Want to see my meal plan for next week? Want to join me and do Core De Force, you can HERE

Week 1 Core De Force Meal Plan

Week 1 Core De Force Meal Plan