I commit to 100. 100 what you ask?

That’s a secret for now. But I will move my body and eat whole, nutritious foods. with a treat or two mixed in 😉


I found out last week…
And was told I couldn?t share until NOW. 

I was one of the 200 (out of 400,000!) Coaches selected to be in Jericho McMatthews TEST GROUP for her BRAND NEW WORKOUT launching this year MORNING MELTDOWN 100!!! ???

We start on Monday and this mama is ready to GET ?? TO ?? WORK!!! Along with my workouts I?ll be getting started again with easy, flexible Portion Control eating with Autumn Calabrese

Right now, I can’t share much as it’s all Top Secret, literally ALL the program materials say ‘DRAFT’ on them so we are test driving it 🙂 I?ll be sharing what I can with y?all when I?m given the green light! ?

This is extremely emotional for me since I was supposed to be in this test group for Jericho?s last program launch 2.5 years ago…

August 5th 2016, I had JUST gotten back from our annual coach event in Nashville. I had walked across stage as the leader of a Top 200 Team (out of 400,000) and was able to pay to rent a house for my WHOLE team. The year before I stayed in a friend’s spare bedroom since I couldn’t swing a hotel. I was on Beachbody HIGH and I got an email that I was chosen to be in the TEST GROUP for our newest program Core de Force.

It wasn’t something I could earn or pay for, you had to be exclusively asked. It doesn’t get much better than that. Then just 5 days later I nearly lost my life when I was hit by a car crossing a cross walk with my dog.

I had an emergency brain surgery to save my life. Had two pelvic surgeries in ‘hopes’ I would walk again. I spent the 14 weeks rehabbing and learning to walk again.

Well I do walk. In fact, I run, jump, play and ENJOY life with no pain. The only reason I survived that accident is because I was physically and the only reason I got better was because I was mentally fit and FOUGHT through the hardest time of my life.

I didn’t get to participate in the Core De Force test group as I was wheelchair bounce and wasn’t even allowed to stand but the ENTIRE Beachbody community stood behind me. Supported me. And cheered me on every step of the way.

So last week when I got the call, I almost cried. This is a FULL CIRCLE moment for me. And as fate would have Jericho was also the co-creator of Core De Force and THIS is her next program. So I am ready to give it my all. I am ready for this full circle moment.

A Set Back is a Set Up for a Come Back. I commit to 100.