Challenge Packs Explained

Challenge Packs are one of the best purchases you can make toward meeting you fitness goals. I’d love to talk to you?about the value as joining me as a customer. Before people actually purrchase a challenge pack, there are lots of things they what to know

  • What is it that I actually do?
  • How have I lost 30 lbs working out from home?
  • Does working out 30 minutes a day actually bring the kind of results that I am showing?
  • What does joining me, and purchasing a challenge pack actually get you (as the customer)?

First off, I always want everyone know that what I do is not a gimmick. There are no pills, no crash diets, no wraps, no ‘fake’ food. This is the real deal. Real workouts. Real food. Real results. I think it is just so important to clarify to customers AND coaches what ALL the amazing benefits there are when someone purchases a challenge pack.

challenge pack

Are you surprised to see food as a part of a post on working out? A challenge pack is more than just a work out, it’s support with ALL areas of your fitness.

A CHALLENGE PACK is a workout program that anyone can purchase from Beachbody. We’ve got something for everyone, seriously! There are challenge packs that are on the easy end of things, and are perfect for anyone who might be transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle and just beginning their journey into health and fitness. These programs are for the novice folks, who want to see results, but who might be new to the world of healthy eating and working out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have workouts that are designed for hardcore athletes who are taking their fitness to the next level.

Purchasing a challenge pack, means you get an entire workout program that last’s 60 to 90 days! That’s up to 3 months of a program that is specifically designed to fit into your life, led by a qualified trainer, who can lead you through modifications, all in the comfort of your home. There is a program out there for just about everyone. If you are a beginner, intermediate, elite athlete, love yoga, into aerobics, enjoy dancing, your’re a serious weight lifter, are looking for a boot camp style: we’ve got it all!!

But that is really just the beginning of what a challenge packs offers. There is SO much more. Check out my video to learn about all of the other benefits of a challenge pack. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or would like me to help you find the perfect program.