What is with those crazy containers? Well they are EASY to use and I am going to show you HOW I use them! I’ve got a lot of questions about this and this month both the challenge packs that are on sale actually include this and they’re a huge part and have been a savior in my health and fitness journey. So I want to share with you, what they are, what they do and how you can use them. So you got six containers and a cup measure liquids, when you order programs that includes this containers and you got a green container for veggies, you can see it’s labeled veggies, and you have a little square next to it, so you get more than one of these, you can label how many you got depending on your calculation so green is veggies, purple is fruit, you can label how many you got at fruit, protein is red, yellow is carbs, blue is healthy fats things like cheese, avocado, pomes are considered healthy fats, and also nuts in here and this is seeds and dressings so it’s a perfect size for you to take your salad dressing protein here and go or like take a scoop of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds something like that and go.?


So, you get a certain amount of each of these containers and you can use them to measure so simply as a scoop to like serve yourself, or like for example do you want to throw your blueberries in here for the day and grab it with you and take it to work. I use them all the time as tupperwear, it’s totally just grab and go. Super easy to use for anyone! Want to see HOW I use them to make my dinner and that it even includes wine?