Did you know exercise is cheaper than therapy?

I never used to?workout. I was that girl that pretended to be sick or hurt when she had to run the mile in gym class. I can remember my parents wanting to walk places and me always having an excuse why I couldn’t. I just was never comfortable being active because I was so overweight and non-athletic.

In a crazy turn of events I am now pretty much addicted to working out and the endorphins. I don’t love every workout and to be honest some days I have no desire to do anything. I just want to sit on the couch and eat bon bons. But I am addicted to the feeling after I workout and how much better I feel, how much better I function, how much more energy I have. I literally worked out until the day before I gave birth. I just did because I felt so much better. Everyone was like: “How did you have the energy to do that?” Well, if I didn’t do it then no energy.

After my c-section I was not allowed to workout for 4 weeks, I got cleared WAY before most people. I went through this when I had my accident too. I wasn’t allowed too… I mean my accident wasn’t even allowed to walk. I was literally allowed to pivot in out of the wheelchair in my left leg. It was really hard for me because I felt I had no release. I was on so many drugs. I was just non-functional. I didn’t feel like myself. And I was actually excited to go to physical therapy because I was able to DO something

Even if you are an exercise HATER, you can totally become addicted like me. Or if you are injured or have limitations, we totally have something for you. There is everything from super low impact Tai Chi type stuff to low impact dance to heavy weight lifting to super high impact cardio. I don’t have a gym membership. I haven’t had a gym membership in years. I literally spend 30-40 minutes working out at home with whatever program that I am choosing to do. There is so much variety, there are so many different things you can do.

I guarantee if you get started you will REALIZE the kind of therapy that exercise can provide. Exercise is NOT just for weight loss, it can truly change your mental well being as well say your physical well being. Want to try my programs free for 14 days? Just sign up

Day One or One Day?