Do you know when it’s time to hire help??

Today’s question is: how do you know it is the right time for you to hire help for your small ?business? This was new territory for me just a few months ago, and I think the lessons ?that I’ve learned are important to share. To be honest, I think that I actually hindered myself by not hiring help sooner.

hire help

Hire help and make time to work on what YOU are great at! Save time and grow your business.

You need to hire help sooner, than you think you need! So many business owners concentrate at what we are not good at and try to take the time to make ourselves better at it. It sounds like a solid plan, right? In reality, it is a more productive use of our time to continue to improve on the things that we are already doing well with. I will use myself as an example: I am not a super creative. I’m not great at making fliers or making things pretty or all of that sort of stuff. I’m not good with filters (you can see for yourself if you go an look at my pictures 😉 I tried for a whole year and a half to make fliers. One of them would take me more than an hour of my time, and what I realized that if II worked with someone who was creative, the same flier would take them 10 minutes to create.

So let’s think about what makes more sense? I can pay this creative person $5 to create my vision for me and I gain all of that time back time to work on my business. I now have an extra hour and a half to concentrate on the things that I am good at, and work to become even better! It’s a common belief that we need to improve on what we are bad at, but I am telling you that there’s a better and more efficiant way to do things. Ready to hear the rest of my tips about hiring? Check out my video.