HOW to work smarter, not harder-My Top Tips

Work Smarter is my mantra when it comes to finding balance between jobs. Most folks (including myself) run their Beachbody business AND work a full time job. I have been running my Beachbody business since June of 2014 (this month will be 2 years) all while working as a manager at a Fortune 15 Company. ?I average about 50 hours a week at my regular job. A fifty hour work week is nothing overly crazy, but it is certainly a solid work week, with set hours that I have to physically be at. Even within my first couple of months, other Beachbody folks would reach out to me, wondering what how I managed to balance things. I was consistently meeting my business goals, reaching success club, recruiting new coaches and achieving diamond status quickly.

Now that I have become and Elite 5-Star Coach, I get even more questions, so as always, I am here to share what works for me! Let’s get started:

  • Get up EARLY. I have to be at work relatively early, but what I found is that getting up an hour earlier means that at a very minimum, my workout gets done. As a coach, I assume you are working out already, and know that many of them are only 30-40 minutes long. These extra 30-40 minutes aren’t unreasonable when you consider you don’t have to drive anywhere 🙂
  • Get your first social media post ready. I like get my post written nice and early, but I also know my audience and know that not everyone is up at 5 AM. What works well for me is I schedule my post, so it goes up around noon (Eastern time) to optimize the opportunity for it to be seen in follower’s feeds. If the early morning doesn’t work for me on a particular day, then I post on social media during my lunch break.
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Work Smarter, not Harder!

My #1 Tip: Get up early! It might be the crack of dawn, but I still get it done!