How To Put Yourself First and Live a Healthier Life

Put Yourself First, ALWAYS. I want to talk to a little bit about my accident, so some you may know that I was hit by a car in a crosswalk with my dog and obviously didn?t see it coming at all. It was broad daylight it was about 8am and I walked that path every single day. The driver was distracted and I sustained some pretty severe injuries.? I had a shattered pelvis and I had external fixator on my pelvis for like 11 weeks. I fractured my face and many places, I broke my sternum and my sacrum ?and I had bleeding on the brain.

How I am overcoming my biggest life obstacle and how I put myself first

How I am overcoming my biggest life obstacle and how I put myself first

I had brain surgery and have a crazy scar on my head.?All things considered, ?I?m doing extremely well.? My body has bounced back a lot faster than a lot of other people?s bodies.? I didn?t break my arms or my legs and my face is very fractured but, I actually not going to have a surgery on my face, because all my fractures are sort lined up.

Honestly, I think that my body is bouncing back so fast and doing so well and impressing everyone at the rehab and because I was in good shape before.? Because I took care of my body, because I eat healthy, because I worked out every single day, because my muscles were strong, because my bones were strong, because I took care of myself, because I made a time for myself and I know that a lot of people are like, ?oh it’s just because you’re young?, but you can be young and not take care of yourself. I happened to be young and someone that, has taking care of myself for the past two years I put myself first, a lot of times.

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