5 Minute + 5 Dollar Fried Rice…say that 3 times fast 🙂 I am ALL about the easy and healthy recipes that your whole family will love. Another thing to know about my cooking is that I do not measure everything to the exact amount. Honestly, when you are cooking it has more to with taste than perfect measurements. You can save the perfect measurements for baking 🙂

Healthy Food is EASY!

Keep in mind, this is an efficient (aka lazy) recipe so some of the ingredients are frozen (GASP!) Did you know that frozen vegetables are *just* as nutrition if not more nutritious as fresh food.


  1. Bag of cauliflower rice, I like this one the best because it reminds more of a fried rice with the peas and carrots in it
  2. Protein of choice, could be any meat, eggs or vegan protein
  3. Liquid aminos, tastes just like soy sauce without all the salt
  4. Siracha 
  5. Sesame oil 


  1. Throw the bag of frozen caulirice in the microwave, it’s important you pick an unsauced one so that there is no random flavors or unnecessary additions. Depending on your microwave and the brand it usually takes 4-5 mins
  2. While that is in the microwave, put a little bit of sesame oil in the hot pan and add your protein. I usually just use eggs because that’s the most ‘fried rice-y’ to me and it’s super cheap. If you have leftover meats/protein leftover you can throw that in as well
  3. Season with liquid aminos and siracha to your level of spiciness
  4. This takes like 4 mins so your microwave should be done, open the bag and throw in the caulirice in the pan and add more liquid aminos and siracha as desired and enjoy!

This is SUCH an easy recipe and you can change it around for picky eats but it’s a TON of veggies and you don’t even notice it’s not ‘regular’ rice.

You can also change the flavors up and use salsa or curry or peanut sauce…really anything you like. It’s super filling, super cheap, super healthy and super delish!