How about some super easy no-cook meals and snacks? Remember when you were a kid and loved a good lunchable? Or about how about those amazingly fancy charcuterie boards you see all over the place that people pay hundreds of dollars for?

This post is going to help you stick to simple no-cook solutions without getting super fancy on you. I will call them ‘adult lunchables’ but maybe we pronounce as ‘lunch-a-bles’ to make it sound fancy.

These 5 kits, will help you satisfy your cravings, depending on your mood and make it easy to grab and go and enjoy!

  1. Want protein? If your body is craving protein this simple box will help you satisfy that craving. Here is what you can include in your box:
    • Two hard-boiled eggs
    • Two slices of deli meat
    • Two cubes of cheese or a string cheese/babybel
    • Veggies (Carrots/Celery) and nut butter for dipping
  2. Want something sweet? If you are craving something sweet you may want to try a combo of fruit and nuts. The fruit will satisfy your sweet craving and the nuts will help keep you full. Fill this box with:
  3. Craving a sandwich? This box will help satisfy that sandwich craving and take you beyond the bread to keep you full. Fill this box with:
    • Deli meat pinwheels, take a small whole wheat tortilla and fill it with your fave deli meal, cheese and mustard, roll it up, cut it up + enjoy
    • Orange slices
    • Cucumber slices
  4. Need a crunch? Try some chips and dip. This box will satisfy that crunch that we all love. Fill this box with:
    • A serving of whole wheat tortilla chips, try to make sure the fiber count is at least 1/5 of the total carbs, for example if the carb count is 20 the grams of fiber should be 4 or more
    • A 100 calorie pack of guacamole or hummus
    • Cut up peppers
  5. Craving chocolate? This snack pack will not only satisfy that sweet tooth but also that chocolate craving. Fill this box with:
    • A handful of raspberries
    • A handful of strawberries
    • 1 Tbsp. cacao nibs mixed with 2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes

These are just some no-cook ideas for meal prep, you can adjust for your personal likes and dislikes. Keeping these fun boxes in your fridge will make snacking easy, and smart!