The Dine Out Dilemma: How do you eat out, enjoy it and not feel like you are falling off ‘track’ with your nutrition plan?
Some of you may know I co-admin a massive local food group called Chew On This aimed at helping restaurants and their workers during Covid.
My family and I decided that every Friday we would get takeout from a new local place, from there the #venmochallenge was born.
But I’m going to tell you a secret, I used to be terrified of eating out. I was afraid I would ruin my ‘diet’. I would always order a garden salad with dressing on the side and no fail would go home and binge because I was never full or satisfied.
I’ve learned how to ENJOY eating out, not feel guilty and not over do it. I’ve been sharing my hacks in the group and had a lot of members reach out and ask me to coach them, since I know what I’m talking about.
Here are my Top 5 Tips to dine out and feel full and satisfied:
  1. Ask to swap a potato for a veggie. Carbs are not the enemy but you don’t need bread, potato and dessert so pick one. For example, if you’re going to have dessert maybe you skip the bread and swap your fries or potato for a veggie. Or maybe you skip dessert and eat the fries.
  2. Take half to go. Many places give you way more than a normal serving of food, so take half to go so you don’t overeat.
  3. Ask for less butter/oil/salt. These are not bad for you in normal portions but places often overdo it, so just ask for a little less when they are cooking.
  4. Ask for sauces/dressing on the side. This makes it so the food isn’t soaked in it and you can simply use as much as you like. Added bonus, if you don’t like your food isn’t covered in it.
  5. Remember it’s one meal. No one meal is going to make you healthy and no one meal is going to make you unhealthy. If you are eating out once a week, enjoy it.

I truly believe that diets can’t be sustained but lifestyle changes will ensure you can keep living a way that makes you feel good and is sustainable.

If you are local, here are some of my fave dine out options