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15 hours ago

Jillian Kaplan

You know it was a good workout when you’re grossed out by your own smell 🥴

Andddd my medium size tank is falling offfffff 🙌

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3 days ago

Jillian Kaplan

I was chosen to test-drive this new program launching in the fall.

I am in a private group and I started to see these super fit ladies post their before pics and all I could think was ‘well, their before pic looks like how I HOPE my after pic will look.

And I had to take a step back and remember this is MY journey and although I want to continue to improve (because that’s what a journey is about) I can love myself where I am.
How am I going to this? What if I eat too many cookies? What if I miss a workout?

And my answer? I’m gonna do my best and LOVE the journey as much as the destination. #selflove #nothate #loveyourself #enjoythejourney #journeynotdestination
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5 days ago

Jillian Kaplan


I found out last week...
And was told I couldn’t share until NOW.

I was one of the 200 (out of 400,000!) Coaches selected to be in Jericho McMatthews TEST GROUP for her BRAND NEW WORKOUT launching this year MORNING MELTDOWN 100!!! 👏🏼🔥

We start on Monday and this mama is ready to GET 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 WORK!!! Along with my workouts I’ll be getting started again with easy, flexible Portion Control eating with Autumn Calabrese

This is extremely emotional for me since I was supposed to be in this test group for Jericho’s last program launch 2.5 years ago...more to come on that.

I’ll be sharing what I can with y’all when I’m given the green light! 🚦#whatareyoudoingforthenext100days #icommitto100 #mm100 #testgrouo
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