I?ve had a lot of questions about how I physically make these videos, because I?m pretty consistent with them and I do them a lot. And so I wanted to come on here and tell you guys how I make them. So, I have a Macbook Air and an iPhone and that?s really what I use to make my videos, I don?t do anything super exciting with my videos. I have a Zoom program that I use when I use my computer.?It is totally FREE.

So all you need to do is get a free Zoom account and hit record, and then automatically when you end your video it saves it to your computer and you can upload it wherever you?d like to upload it to ? Facebook, Youtube, whatever video site you use. And that?s really what I use to make my videos.

How to Make Videos, What do I use?

How to Make Videos, What do I use?

Now I also have a little trailer at the end of my videos, some of you may have noticed. And I got trailer made for like $20 at fiverr.com and fiverr is a great site if you need help with anything really, if you need help blogging, or making graphics or videos, or a poster, like a promotional poster, something like that. It is great, I use it weekly for random, odd tasks that I need. And you buy things called gigs, and the gigs usually range between five and twenty dollars to have something done which is so so so reasonable, especially if it?s going to take you hours to figure out just how to do it, it?s just so easy.

So I got that trailer made at fiverr, and I add it using iMovie on my computer. So I just go into iMovie and I put in the uploaded video to my computer from zoom and then I just combine it with that little promotional video at the end or that little tail end video, and that?s been really awesome for me and super easy for me to do because I leave the tail end video in there and I just go in and I delete out whatever the last video was that was in iMovie and I put in my new video.

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