What about financial fitness? Being in control of your finances lowers stress and contributes to overall health It’s the spend, spend, spend time of year. It feels like we have to buy a gift for everyone and their mother’s, brother’s, sister’s uncle. Gift giving is my love language so I find myself always buying things for everyone this time of year because I truly love it. BUT I am lazy and I am not much into couponing so I wanted to share some easy ways to save $ as well as ways to earn $ back for everyday purchases.

Spend Less, Save More
  1. Rakuten for cash back.+ automatic coupons. The BEST part about this app is that you just have to install the Google Chrome plug in. Every time you go to a website to purchase if there are coupons or cash back available it will pop up and you just click ‘yes’. Seriously, that’s it. You just get the $ PayPaled or mailed via check to you every quarter. Get $10 Back on your first purchase
  2. DOSH is an app you put on your phone and you simply load your credit and/or debit card (s). Put the app on your phone and every time you make a purchase at one of the stores they put money in your account and then pay you out. Once again it’s that simple. Get $10 after your first purchase
  3. This one is near and dear to my heart. You earn money back for not being distracted on your phone while you drive. Just install and it will do the work in the background and pay you as long as you aren’t playing with your phone.
  4. Fetch Rewards is one of my faves because it’s like a SURPRISE what you are going to get every time. You install the app and scan your grocery receipts. You get a minimum of 25 points per receipt but different products get you more points. I love scanning it in (just on my phone) and seeing how much I get! Get 3000 points just for signing up,
  5. And now a way to EARN money. We all could use some easy cash this time of year or every time of year really 😉 These are online surveys you can screen for and if you get picked and participate they pay you via PayPal. They usually are $60-$100/hr and are done via computer most of the time so no need to go anywhere. You can fill out up to 3 screeners a day, they take about 1-2 mins each. I usually do 10 screeners or do a week as I have time and I get picked for 1-2 projects a month but that couple hundred bucks adds up fast. Sign up here and fill in your details.

I know this isn’t HEALTH tips per say but hopefully these financial fitness tips will help relieve stress which is of course part of being healthy!