January 17th (TODAY!) is ‘National Quit your Resolution Day’. Apparently that’s a thing because over 50% of people have quit their resolution by today. Not a fun fact. An even less fun fact: Only 8% people actually accomplish their resolutions.

Here are my top 5 tips for sticking with it:

  1. Write it down. This may sound silly but it’s SO important. I used to make up these goals and never write them down. Once I started writing them down it completely changed the GAME for me. Even better, don’t make it digital. Have a physical vision board that you can create and put in a spot where you SEE IT every single day. 2019 was the first year I have a physical vision board instead of just digital and I LOVED looking at it everyday.
  2. If your goals are health and fitness focused, which many are, make sure you focus on nutrition and fitness. Weight loss is 80% what you eat so don’t go to the gym for an hour a day and then eat a box of donuts and a pizza. Eating healthy and fitness don’t have to be expensive. You can eat well and workout on a budget but you have to commit!
  3. While we are on the topic of budget and your resolutions include your financial fitness, realize that with this, and many resolutions, it won’t happen overnight. You have to write down the big goal like ‘Debt Free’ or ‘Pay off the car’ or ‘Pay off the house’ and then take small steps towards it. So savings $5 a day by not buying coffee or eating out less, these things add up.
  4. Get a buddy, an accountability person. Someone that will HOLD you to your goals and not listen to you when let things get in the way.
  5. This is #5 but really needs to be #1. BELIEVE! Seriously, you have to believe you can do this. Like deep down in your soul. I hate the expression ‘New Year, New You’ because you aren’t new but you can be BETTER. Truly believing you can be better is what is so key in ensuring you can do this.

There are so many other tips I could give but the bottom line is that YOU CAN do this and you can make sure it happens. Be the 8%