How can you eat healthy at home? I hear from my clients all the time that they struggle to eat healthy at home because no one wants to eat their ‘diet food’. Well it’s a good thing that I don’t believe in diets 🙂 So how can you eat healthy at home?

  1. Don’t keep unhealthy food in the house. I know this sounds simple…because it is. If you are buying empty calorie carbs or sugary snacks ‘for your kids’, you are going to eventually eat them. There is going to be something they don’t finish that you end up finishing for them. So just make sure you keep the fridge and cabinets stocked with the good stuff, that way you can make good choices.
  2. Make some simple changes. There are so many healthier alternatives to your favorite foods. For example my kid love chicken nuggets and tots. So, I buy the frozen air fried chicken and broccoli tots. I can throw it in the oven for 20 mins and it’s perfect, easy and cheap. Is it perfect? Nope but you are not going to eat (or force your family to eat) kale for every meal. These choices are SO good that you won’t even notice it’s a little healthier.
  3. ENJOY your treats, it’s not a cheat. You gotta change that mindset. Do not make yourself or your family feel guilty for going out to dinner or having a delish dessert. Everyone will enjoy it more when they don’t feel bad about it. I am not saying to eat dessert first but you get my drift.
  4. Meal Prep. I do not like to pre-measure everything in containers for every meal. I don’t know what I going to want to eat, let’s be honest BUT I always cut up and prep my fruits, veggies and proteins so it’s easy to grab, go and enjoy!
  5. Eating healthy is just plain good for everyone. If you are drinking diet soda or something else you don’t want your kid to have {with the exception of alcohol} it’s probably not good for you either.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive). It can be super simply for you and your family, I promise!