7 Ways to Make Homes More Attractive to Buyers

7 Ways to Make Homes More Attractive to Buyers

We JUST sold our house and we had 7 offers and we sold for $35,000 over asking with no inspection! It doesn’t get much better than that!

You don?t have to spend thousands on a total remodel to make your home more attractive to buyers. In fact, Consumer Reports reveals that something as easy as using the right paint colors can increase the sale price by as $5,000. Whether you?re looking to list your home among the houses for sale in Boston or any other city, consider these ways of sprucing things up for the highest return on your investment.?

Utilizing the Best Paint Colors

As CR recommends, using the right colors in various rooms can go a long way when it comes to increasing your home?s appeal. The top picks include a warm, neutral yellow in the kitchen; soothing hues in the bedrooms like khaki or light green; neutrals like light grey in the living room and rich shades such as mauve or eggplant in the dining room.


If you?re a collector, you should know that too much clutter can negatively impact your ability to garner a good price for you home. It makes it look smaller and even dirty. Clear out any unnecessary items by hosting a yard sale, donating them and/or placing them in a storage facility.

Make Minor Repairs

While you?ve probably thought about the major repairs that are needed, don?t forget about the little things ? it?s a great way to make your home more attractive without spending an arm and a leg. Think cracked tiles, torn window screens, broken doorknobs and all those annoyances you?ve been putting off.

Put Personal Items Out of Sight

If you have lots of family photographs, children?s artwork, personal mementoes, etc. hanging throughout your home, put them out of sight so that potential buyers view your home as a clean slate. That way they can picture their own items inside, providing more enticement to buy and move in.

Eliminate Pet Smells and Add Pleasant Scents

If you have pets, be sure to address smells like a litter box, dirty animals, etc. It?s one of the biggest turnoffs to homebuyers for obvious reasons. On the other hand, adding pleasant scents can attract buyers.

Using baking soda is a great option of your home isn?t smelling as fresh as you?d like. Sprinkle it onto sofas and carpets, allowing it to sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming it up. It will help to absorb odors, providing a blank slate to add aromas like vanilla or citrus. Sprinkling a couple of drops of uplifting or relaxing essential oils like lavender or grapefruit onto cotton balls and then strategically placing them around your home can be ideal for showing.

Change Up Fixtures and Lighting

It doesn?t cost a lot to replace lighting and fixtures, and it can make a big difference in the feel of any home. Dim interior lighting and dated fixtures really detract from your home?s appeal and can even make your home look smaller. Most buyers today want lots of light, which means making changes that will bring in as much natural light as possible and purchasing light fixtures that make rooms more vibrant can really increase your home?s selling price.

Boost Curb Appeal


First impressions count especially when it comes to upping your home?s attractiveness to buyers. They?ll see its exterior first, so be sure to clean up any debris, wash the windows, mow the lawn and perhaps add some flower pots for color.