I am a health coach in the midst of a health crisis. I haven’t blogged in weeks and I sat down tonight knowing I had to put SOMETHING out there but I have been feeling like I don’t have much to say.

I have felt very much like I am just EXISTING. To me, this isn’t living. I work, I sleep and I eat but much of the stuff that I did before that I loved like travel, see my friends and let me daughter be a kid, I can’t do. To be clear, I 100% understand why I can’t do them and I am not complaining. I am simply pointing out that to me this is not living. I don’t feel fulfilled, I have very little to look forward to and the uncertainly is killing me. I thrive on structure and I have zero idea what tomorrow will bring.

Meanwhile through this existing, I KNOW that I NEED to take care of myself. I have seen how much obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle are effecting people with the virus and it further shows me how important it is to live healthy.

Here I am: A health coach living through a health crisis. So how do I continue to help people and show up? In total transparency for the first month, I just didn’t. I felt 100% paralyzed in March. People are losing their jobs, losing child care and quite frankly losing ALL normalcy and here I am posting sweaty selfies.

But really, these sweaty selfies come with so much more. I have been running online community groups (fitness and not fitness related) for 6 years. I have been able to help people engage 100% virtually and help them achieve results that way.

So as a health coach in the middle of a health crisis, I am going to keep helping people connect virtually. At first, I didn’t know what to do or say, like most of us. But now I know that this community I have built up for the past 6 years is needed more than ever.