I have always referred to myself as ‘a little crunchy’. To me that means that I don’t jump to medicine as the only option but I try to solve things holistically BUT I am not opposed to going to see my doctor.

I’m a health and fitness coach and I FULLY believe that being healthy is can prevent so much, it literally saved my life.
I consider myself {a little crunchy} which to me means that I do my best to avoid pills and chemicals but I also don’t believe that holistic approaches can cure everything because…SCIENCE 🧬 I will never tell you that a supplement is going to cure your autoimmune disease or cancer…and yes, I have heard other people say things like that. Trust me, I know that being healthy is so important to preventative medicine but I also know there is a time and place when you need to call in the big guns.
When I had a full body scan after my crash they discovered a tumor in my thyroid and once I had recovered I had to have it drained and biopsied.  I was told to just keep an eye on it as it wasn’t cancer. Then during my pregnancy, I ended up in the ER for an overnight stay because it grew again to the point where I couldn’t swallow. It was total craziness but I got it drained again. And then a third time it blew up but they were able to inject something in it to keep it from growing and {hopefully} avoid having to remove my thyroid.
Issues like this can effect a lot of things. I have been bloated and a little lethargic and overall feeling a little ‘off’ so I went to see my doctor and I’ve got to have it checked out again and go back to the endocrinologist to have it checked out.
Anytime I can I strive for a holistic approach but that doesn’t mean I think fitness and healthy eating can cure all…it helps but it’s not everything. You have got to give yourself some grace and know that even if you are doing your best, my numbers were all perfect, you need a little help sometimes.
Just because I went to see my doctor doesn’t mean I have failed as a coach, it just means I trust medicine and I needed some help.
It’s not all or nothing. Take care of yourself.