Babies are dogs is a lot to handle and being involved in dog rescue I saw A LOT of crazy things! It was so sad when I would see people who were getting rid of their pets because they were having a baby and I swore that would never be me. However, I did not anticipate how much work it actually is and it’s A LOT but we are doing it and working so hard to ensure both the baby and the dogs are comfortable.

One of the smartest things I did was work with my dogs on welcoming Michelle before she was here. I feel like simply bringing home a blanket from the hospital is not enough. We did that as well but I feel like you need to plan a lot more than that. I mean MAYBE your dog will be perfect with the baby but why chance that they aren’t? Perhaps I am hypersensitive but it helps me stay calm knowing that I have done everything I possibly could to prepare for her arrival. Because once she got here there was LITTLE time for anything.

I was the crazy person who walked my dogs with a fake baby in a stroller around the neighborhood, played baby sounds 24/7 on YouTube and worked to make them tolerant of sudden movements.

Now I can walk two dogs and a baby all by myself and feel in control ?? We all love walks so it makes me so happy that I am able to do it.

I still have extreme anxiety about the baby and the dogs but everyday is a bit better. I didn?t expect to feel so overwhelmed but I do so I?m working through it.

Having the right product for your dogs and places that are SAFE for them are SO key especially when you bring a new baby home, check out my fave website to help you pick the best products for your pups:?

Going for a stroll!