Pyramid scheme or legit business opportunity??

Pyramid Scheme: You think you know how to spot one? C’ome on…before you knew better, this thought might have crossed your mind. Anyone who is new to the idea of Network Marketing seems to have this misconception.

I think this is one of the top questions that I get when I first tell people that I’m a Beachbody Coach. ?When I was a new coach, my first response was to go on the defensive. ?First off, pyramid schemes are illegal! Secondly, I let people know that my paychecks sure don’t bounce. I would feel like I had to defend what I was doing. What I came to realize, was that Beachbody didn’t need defending, but rather, that people needed education! The average person knows the term pyramid scheme, but doesn’t ACTUALLY know what it is. So now, my first question to anyone who brings it up is ‘What do you think a pyramid scheme is?’. This is a great way to have an open and honest conversation about what Beachbody IS and what Beachbdy ISN’T.

So here is how things work: Your sponsor would be compared to your boss (at least in corporate America) but what is totally different is this: You can pass your sponsor in rank, income, and level! At any time, you can make more money, be more successful and help more people than your boss! There is nothing and no one holding you back 🙂 So for the folks thinking pyramid, no one is above you to prevent you from moving your business forward.

Another sign of a pyramid scheme is that there are no transactions of goods and services. ?Clearly this isn’t the case with Beachbody. People purchase all sorts of great things from us (Shakeology, workout programs, fitness gear and more). Anytime money is exchanged, you are actually getting something in return. This isn’t about people getting paid to add people to a group, network or something like that. We sell products (which work and are amazing).

There are quite a few other things YOU might want to lean about this company and how awesome it is. If you check out my video, you can educate yourself and answer that question “Isn’t that a Pyramid Scheme?” ??

Pyramid Scheme...nope!

Beachbody gives you products that work, not empty promises!